SUP Yoga

Indoor SUP Yoga

When & Where

Wednesdays 6-7pm
Start date: Wed, 7th Oct
End date: Wed, 25th Nov
Les Beaucamps School
The school has ample parking, and the pool is just in front of the astroturf pitch. The pool is heated to 28 degrees, lovely showers facilities are there, if required.

Les Beaucamps School

Your Floating Mat!

We use top of the range inflatable boards. Their soft deck provides good grip and great comfort. Every board will be anchored ready for you to enjoy the session and magic in the 28 degrees warm water!

What experience is required?

No previous experience of Stand Up Paddleboarding or Yoga required.

How much?

Drop in price: £25.00
Book 4 classes with 10% discount for £90.00 HERE
Book 6 classes with 20% discount for £120.00 HERE
Book 8 classes with 20% discount for £160.00 HERE

Online booking

Now you can book your board online HERE.
 Alternatively call 07781 121777,
Two thumbs up for SUP Yoga!
Nothing better than combining SUP and Yoga.
The best yoga experience I had. Kristine the instructor, she was very welcoming, friendly and very knowledgeable.First she taught us the basics on how to handle the board,then how to paddle sitting down, the paddle standing up and get our balance in . Then we set up our intention for the day with a few breathing exercises. Then we hit the water. We take the boards out for a paddle to get our heart pumping and once we’re settled into an area, our boards are hooked into a line just to be sure we don’t go floating around, then we move as a group from pose to pose. Very challenging , and lots of laughs.
In a land yoga class I find myself trying so hard to do everything perfectly that I forget how fun Yoga is. SUP yoga is a reminder that it’s not so serious.
Your alignment may be different than on dry land, but thats ok. It’s also fine to loose balance altogether and fall. Falling is part of the experience.
We then finish the class with a seated meditation or a Savasana.
You are out in the elements and have a total connection with nature, it’s so relaxing and meditative, the warm sun in your face and body, the smell of the sea and your fingertips grazing the water as you float on your board, it feels amazing , pure bliss.

It’s a fun practice but with some serious benefits. Doing yoga on a surface that is constantly in motion fires up and strengthens muscles that aren’t used everyday.

Looking forward already to my next session.

SUP Yoga


SUP Yoga is physically low impacting and muscle toning, emotionally calming, spirituality uplifting, energetically charging, not to mention it’s FUN, did we mention it’s FUN?! 🙂
If you’ve ever done Yoga you know it requires good balance. The additional balance  required on the giant floating yoga mats intensifies the yoga routine and gets to your proprioceptors (all the tiny muscles involved in balance).
SUP Yoga will challenge your core and engage your muscles in the poses as you will be constantly balancing which makes it a great toning workout which refreshes the body and mind.

Your Instructor

You will be safely guided by our experienced, certified SUP Yoga instructor Kristine Garlan-Hando into gentle reclined and seated poses (asanas), with some hip and shoulder tension releasing stretches, you’ll have the option to challenge yourself getting into and holding some standing asanas. Get ready to sweat, laugh, and enjoy the fluidity of the SUP Yoga flow. No experience is needed, just an open mind, willingness to learn something new and have fun.


07781 121 777 – to contact SUP Guernsey school
07839101963- to contact Yoga instructor