About me…

My name is Dana, and I love Fitness especially when it includes Fun!

I grew up in a sport environment as my mum was a sport team leader, organising activities for school students. From an early age I was led to try all different sports from skiing, athletics, aerobics to swimming and dancing.

At 8 years old I joined a dancing club where I set about my first goals, overcame my fear, and gained the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and other competitors.  A few years later I became an assistant where I got a change to teach, motivate, and encourage other students in aiming for their best.

Since then I have found many other ways to feel good and keep fit. In 2009 I started my official fitness qualifications, and to date have gained the following:

•  Exercise to Music – November 2010

•  Advanced Gym Instructor (Anatomy and Physiology) – November 2010

•  Zumba Instructor – December 2010

•  Nutrition – June 2011

•  Training in Different environments (clients home, outdoors) – October 2011

•  Fully Qualified Personal Trainer – completed in December 2011

•  Jumping Worldwide Team Instructor – September 2013

•  Yoga Instructor – Nov / Dec  2014

We only get one body in this lifetime so nourish it, take care of it, but at the same time have fun and learn something new!

After all my fitness experiences now I like to concentrate on:


Finding Well Balanced Fitness Challenges without injury 

Nutrition & Lifestyle changes to a more energised and healthier YOU


With enthusiasm