Are you ready to sweat? 60 minutes class has high intensity, training consists of combination of quick and slow jumps, dynamic sprints, balance, strength exercises and stretching.

Driving music and powerful instructors will help you to burn up to 600 calories and release stress of everyday life.

Whole body workout! After warming up we use 1 track for dynamic stretches to prepare us for higher intensity jumping moves. Specific tracks will target your upper body, thighs, bottom and core. The session is finished with stretching.


Opened to participants 14 years plus.







Drop-in PRICE

  • £10.00 – Book and pay HERE


  • any 4 Jumping classes:  £32.00  (you save more than 10%) valid up to 31st March 2020 – Buy HERE
  • any 8 Jumping classes: £60.00 (you save more than 15%) valid up to 31st March 2020 – Buy HERE





All classes are held in St Sampson’s High School.

Tue 6.00pm – 7.00pm 

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Every class is booked in the booking calendar: https://www.purefunfit.com/bookings/.

Choose a date when you want to attend a jumping class & fill in the basic details.
  • If you are paying for individual classes after you book in through the booking calendar you will be required to click on ‘Pay now’ to complete the booking.
  • If you took on one of our special offers you will receive a unique code that you will be required to use when booking yourself through the booking calendar. This code is a unique code and only you can use it. 
Please note that only paid bookings or bookings with a unique code are confirmed bookings.
Cancellation policy is minimum 5 hrs before class, otherwise you will be charged £8.00 cancellation fee. Bookings made online can be cancelled online. Jumping Fitness is an equipment based activity, so you need to reserve your trampoline. We have a waiting list for most classes. If you can’t come, somebody else will be happy to enjoy Jumping 🙂 5 hrs is the minimum time for us to contact those people on the waiting list, so they can arrange their time to come.