Let the fire burn inside your heart, follow your passion, your joy

The spark of fire creates warmth from the inside out. It helps us burn through self-doubt and karma, it’s what makes us feel alive. It’s the natural urge that’s associated with being inspired, dynamic, animated, engaged, alive and motivated.

We are all motivated by fire, well, unless it’s burning below our feet. Is your fire too big or too little?


You are in danger of burn out. You take careless risks and miss the nuances of a situation. You open yourself to backlash, if you surge forward without consideration for others. You start many projects, but have trouble finishing them. It’s hard to sustain your enthusiasm past the initial stage.



  • Use candles in your meditation.
  • Tell stories round the fire.
  • Sign up for a class that scares you, because you know it’ll change you.
  • Spend more time with inspired people.
  • Seek out funny angles or entertainment for one heart-healthy laugh per day.
  • Wear more warm colors — reds, oranges, yellows.
  • Bring warm lighting and colors into your home.
  • Speak your truth, even though you know it’s going to rile people up.


Passion doesn’t always come knocking on the door to drag you out, when you are sitting on the sofa feeling bored, depressed.


  • Get the blood pumping with more oxygen, through exercise and fresh air.
  • Stop talking about your dreams and take one small step to make it real.
  • Go on a brisk walk when you feel mentally fatigued.
  • Throw a festive party.
  • Make time for creative self-expression.
  • Find healthy ways to burn off nervous energy.
  • Plan a trip (day, weekend or months long if you are lucky)
  • Leave the schedule open for spontaneous desires.
  • Do what makes you feel free.


Be unique, follow your intuition, don’t overanalyze. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and explore what you like, what makes you happy.

Mind and heart doesn’t always go hand in hand, your mind doesn’t have to fully understand every step. If you stand in front of a mountain looking at the peak, your heart racing at the thought of climbing up there, you don’t yet know how but you want to get there. Your heart wants it, but your mind is finding excuses. If you don’t follow your heart, you will often spend the rest of your life wishing that you did. Follow your passions, find your true path.


IMG_0757Whether you are connecting to a loved person or doing your favorite activity where you feel your heart jumping with the excitement you open yourself.

We are all humans and we have our vulnerabilities, our fears. In isolation, you might feel lonely, but when you open yourself and share your feelings, experiences with other people you connect, you let the energy of other people surround you, you create a supportive and loving environment.

Everything is connected including mind and body. Our thoughts and feelings influence the health of our cells in the same way that toxins or nutrients do. Emotions like rage, anger, sadness, or grief when repressed, manifests as the tension we are trying to release.


Have self-confidence that you have what it takes. Don’t give up, find the way. Take a little kid learning to walk as an example. The kid falls so many times before it takes first few steps by itself and all you can see is a big smile at the end. Enjoy the process, enjoy the falls, they make you stronger. Every athlete has ups and downs, has to find the way through. With self-confidence, trust, actions, love and passion, step by step you will get closer to what you desire.


Set your GOALS. Not only goals, find a way how to get to them. Not the knowledge, but actions will get you to your goals. Set them, find the strategy and go for it.


You can find motivation in a number of different ways but the most successful people are self-motivated! External motivation such as money, status, trophies can easily vanish, but if you are motivated from inside of your heart, do something for a pure enjoyment, pride and satisfaction your results will be long-lasting.

Use your full POTENTIAL

You should never settle for less than a heart flutter. When your ego is in control and all you’re assessing in a partner is looks, financial security, and social status, you miss out on the energy that can only be felt between two souls at the level of the heart. If in the past, we have been in a rough relationship or through a bad breakup, then we often close our hearts off for fear of being hurt. It takes courage to let your guard down and truly follow your heart. Live with an open heart because you never know who might fall in it.

Allow yourself to HEAL

Hurt happens. But so does healing. You can’t always think your way out of pain and confusion. Sometimes, the best answers come to a relaxed mind and a heart that’s in tune with the universe. We often don’t tune in to our hearts because that’s where our pain is stored. But when we’re brave enough to live life from our heart, not only do we allow our own wounds to heal, but, by sharing our stories, we can touch and heal other people. Allow to explore your feelings, get rid of limited ideas, beliefs. Create time for yourself, are you feeling happy, joyful, present? Or are you resistant, shut down, sad and lonely? Also look at the role of food and substances in relationship to your emotions. Often we can use food to numb ourselves so we don’t have to deal with some of our bigger feelings. Releasing tension opens us to our vulnerability. Vulnerability leads to surrender, and surrender to love. Lear to let go and forgive.

Everything in life happens when you to open our heart to love. Even when you didn’t figure out what you want to do, you need to go looking for it in order to find it. Get out there, open your eyes, see what you like, what makes you excited and try it out. Sooner or later the passion for life, activity, person open your senses. All experience, no matter how challenging, can empower us to grow and transform. Our experiences, if we allow them, can teach us compassion, patience, understanding, and most importantly forgiveness. Embodying these qualities opens our hearts, making us wiser, more connected, and available to love.