How to overcome a hangover

Well, you partied from sunset to sunrise, and now you’re paying the price. You’ve got the pounding headache, the queasiness, the dizziness, the sensitivity to light and sound, the muscle aches and the irritability that comes from overconsumption of alcoholic beverages. How quickly last night’s fun turns into next morning’s nightmare when you have a hangover! Those all too familiar symptoms can hit hard! Most of them arise from dehydration and depleted minerals and water-soluble nutrients like B vitamins and vitamin C. So here is some advice: Yes to Ice  Put an ice compress on your aching head; place crushed ice in a plastic bag, wrap in a dry towel and apply it to where it hurts. Or just rinse a washcloth under cold water; place it on your forehead and rest. Yeah, it feels good! No to smoking Science has proven what we’ve all known to be true through our own anecdotal evidence: smoking cigarettes during a night of drinking will take your hangover from “my head hurts” to “somebody kill me.” Think twice, before you pick up a cigarette. Aspirin or ibuprofen – careful with pain relievers  If you know me you know I am a NO NO to pills! Some people who drink also take an Aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug before bed, though some experts warn taking the pills may increase the risk of stomach bleeding and liver damage. No to Sauna Think you can “sweat out” the alcohol and other toxins you may have consumed during a night of partying? Think again. A sauna can cause potentially dangerous blood vessel and blood flow changes... read more

Diary of my Transformation – Yoga Instructor course

I’s not all about the stretching, in fact I am in better shape now than I was ever before…  and I do all sorts of physical activities. To know more about my physical and mental transformation read my article:  Diary of my Transformation – Yoga instructor course If you enjoy reading it, feel free to share and remember, your comments are always... read more