If you haven’t tried Dana’s jumping class you’re missing out! It’s a fantastic aerobic class that tones you all over and is so much fun, thanks to Dana, that you forget you’re actually exercising! I’m quite lazy when it comes to exercise but I absolutely love this class.
Would highly recommend it to anyone 😊

Thank you to Pure FunFit for a great jumping party on Saturday – girls had so much fun and did not want the party to end. A big thank you from us! xxx

I’ve only recently joined pure fit and I love it! Dana is great the routines are fun and energetic I feel amazing after! Highly recommend

Having participated in various boot camps and exercise sessions around Guernsey in an attempt to kick myself into shape, I had aggravated both my back and knee problems to such a level that I had lost faith in exercise and was avoiding it, my walk to work being my only day to day exercise.

As a last ditch attempt, I thought I would try some personal training sessions and found Pure FunFit.  From the beginning, Dana sat down with me and analysed my needs before we got into the training sessions.  During training sessions (which, weather permitting, were mostly all outside in areas that offered an opportunity to train in relative peace), she worked with me, adapting the lessons to suit my mood, energy levels and injuries.

For the first time in a long time, she helped me understand how my body was working and would correct me or adapt the exercise if I was doing anything incorrectly.  When I had a hard day at work, if I asked, she would bring the boxing gloves and I was able to get rid of my frustrations.

I noticed that my level of fitness and my ability to do various exercises were increasing week by week and I ended up looking forward to sessions within a few weeks, as Dana brought so much encouragement and enthusiasm to everything we would do.  I would recommend Dana as a personal trainer to anyone, as she is so adaptable, she will be able to work anyone she trains to their fullest potential.

Kelly - 2014

What can I say – Dana is a treasure!  She responded immediately to our ‘distress call’ for someone to help two hugely unfit middle aged people get off their behinds and start getting back into shape.  We came with all sorts of physical limitations, previous injuries and excuses.  We had tried gyms on our own and failed miserably.  Large exercises classes left us floundering and with minor injuries.

Dana took a ‘whole person’ holistic approach right from the start and spent a lot of time analyzing the quite detailed forms she asked us to fill in and then followed this up with a long chat until she got exactly the right programme for us.  Having said that she is constantly refining and honing the programme as she gets to know us better and as we progress and need new challenges.

Dana is passionate about fitness and general health and it shows through the energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity she brings to every session. She is so easy going and friendly and creates a very relaxed, safe atmosphere – a million miles away from the testosterone filled gym – although I am sure that for younger more ‘focused’ clients she would be quite capable of training them hard!

She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly – fun!  She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise so you get the most out of the effort you put in. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm and knows just how and when to encourage and when to push you a bit harder – though never too much.  She really works with the whole person – trying to encourage you mentally not just physically and she has the patience of a saint!

Whenever possible Dana took us ‘on location’ to beaches, parks, commons etc to do our exercises which is so much better than being inside – especially if you work in an office all day.

Since working with Dana our energy levels, balance, flexibility and general fitness have improved immensely.

If you are serious about a life change on the fitness and health front Dana will help you every step of the way – just try not to collapse laughing while you doing it!

Esme & David Bishop - 2012