Your body wants to be fit, healthy and well, full of vitality and ready for any challenge! By understanding how your body works, how to train it, what fuel it requires and how to look after it you will be able to achieve the results you desire. You will be free from aches and pains, energised, happier and more in control of your life.

Health Screening

This will vary in emphasis depending upon your needs, but generally consists of active and passive tests:

• Full Body Composition Assessment (includes body fat, lean tissue and hydration levels as well as daily calorific requirement)
• Comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis (with focus on work/life balance)
• Blood Pressure; Resting/Working Heart Rate
• Cardiovascular fitness; Vital Lung Capacity Measure
• Flexibility Assessment
• Nutritional Assessment (if you require a nutrition plan as a part of your health screening, this can be booked separately)

1 2 1 personal training

Do you want to achieve a specific goal  and you need a fitness plan?
Do you need an experienced fun orientated exercise partner?
Have you had an injury that needs careful monitoring?
Do you need undivided attention?

I will put together a bespoke training programme that (no matter whether you are new or experienced) targets your goals and combines this with exercises and regimes that you feel comfortable with.

Training In Couples

Do you want to have fun with your friend, partner or one of your kids while exercising? Do you want to bring the competition factor into the workout? Do you have to take care of your child and would like to exercise? Why not workout together! This is a session designed for a couple where a variety of exercises using each others weight are incorporated.

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