Concept of Jumping / history

Jumping® is an original licensed programme in the fitness business. The JUMPING EUROPE COMPANY was founded in 2000 by Mgr. Tomáš Buriánek and Jana Svobodová in Czech Repuplic. Since then the concept of jumping has been perfected, thanks to which this activity can now be found in more than 700 gym’s and fitness complexes in more than 12 countries. In 2012 a long-awaited extension of the Jumping® programme to the U.S., Russia, Kuwait, Germany, France , Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Canada and Ireland has taken place. In Oct 2013 Jumping expanded  also to our sister island Jersey and to our beautiful Guernsey.
about Jumping

Jumping classes

Jumping classes can only be taken by a certificated instructor.

The basic idea of the Jumping® programme is definitely not just random jumping on a trampoline. It’s a highly coordinated system of body movements on patented trampolines that are TUV-certified and consistent with health and safety standards. Training consists of different combinations of quick and slow jumps, dynamic sprints, balance, strength exercises and stretching. The combination of these exercises on a springy surface is not only entertaining but also a very effective form of exercise. See also benefits of jumping HERE

So how does it work – affects on your Body

There are three natural forces: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration. The purpose of jumping is to line up acceleration and deceleration with gravity. The G Force factor is what gives you all the benefits of jumping. Your body weight is equal to 1 G Force.

When you start bouncing up and down, your body is subjected to the forces of acceleration and deceleration plus gravity. This combination of forces creates an increase in G Force – each and every cell feels this increase, which can be equivalent to doubling your weight. In response to being placed in this environment, the cells adjust by getting stronger, individually. Each and every cell gets stronger – not just muscle cells (like when you pump up in the gym).

Jumping also cleanses cells due to the lymphatic system being activated by this type of exercise. The cells are constantly being flushed of metabolic waste and saturated with oxygen, nutrients, enzymes etc. The rate of diffusion of water through cell membranes is increased, because jumping activates one way valves in the veins of the lymphatic system. When pressure is below the valves, the valves open (during acceleration, or as you are rising upward on the bounce). When pressure is above the valves, they stay closed (deceleration).

Jumping® PROFI Trampoline

The key premise for the Jumping® fitness exercising is a quality and safe trampoline. During its 11-year long history, the company JSTB International, s. r. o. has tried many types of trampolines which have often been updated for particular needs of the Jumping® exercising. The improvement of the Jumping® programme has been accompanied by higher demands for the trampoline itself. Therefore, by careful development, testing and the process of improvement, we have created our own trampoline the quality and design of has overcome other products of the same category. The construction shape has been carefully chosen to provide a complex compromise among compactness, size, design and the options of specific movement range during the Jumping® exercising performance. To meet the dynamic development demands of our customers, we are just beginning the mass production of our own professional trampoline Jumping® PROFI.

Maximum load

Maximum load/load bearing capacity of the Jumping® PROFI trampoline: 100 kilograms, overloading leads to excessive ballasting of the pliable parts of the stringing. When overloading, the life-time and the pliable aspects of the trampoline may be decreased.